2018 Northern California Summer Camp

Dear DREs,

Camp Directors: 
  • Sammi Hyun (HKMCC)
  • Raphael Ko (HKMCC)
  • Justin Yoo (St.Michaels)  
  • Sam Kim (SACKCC)
  • Dates: 7/25 - 29. 2018 (5 days)
  • Location: Capital Mountain (same as last year)
  • Target: incoming 8th - 12th 
  • Transportation; Each Church is responsible for their own transportation. 
    HKMCC will chatter a bus
  • Theme: To be revealed at  Camp. 
  • More information and registration: http://camp.hkmcc.me
Please help us start the registration process and promotion for the camp.
Thank you
Rafa Kim
Youth Director, HKMCC